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Yuva Vikas Kendra is a registered (Registration No. : 373 / 2004-05(29-10-2004) non-governmental organization(NGO) working in Jharkhand, India. Established in the year 2004, Yuva Vikas Kendra works in the area of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Animal Welfare, Biotechnology, Children, Civic Issues, Dalit Welfare, Disability, Education & Literacy, Environment and natural resource management, Health & Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Labour & Employment, Land Resources, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Science & Technology, Tribal Welfare, Vocational Training, Womens Development & Empowerment, Youth Affairs, etc. The organization works towards the promotion of sustainable development.

YUVA VIKAS KENDRA was founded in the year 2004 by a team of young social activists with good knowledge and understanding of local issues and practical field experience of previous Years, under the guidance of the well-experienced social worker and follower of mother Teresa, JP, and other great Sarvodaya leader of international fame. Idea behind formation of the society has been putting all experiences of social development and rural reconstruction in to practice. YUVA VIKAS KENDRA is giving priority especially to Health, Education, Women Empowerment and Livelihood promotion activities in all over Jharkhand. Tribals, Paharias, STs, SCs, Rural youth, marginalized farmers, llandless, oldage, deprived women, child labor and other children as well as the artisan have been focused as primary target groups of YUVA VIKAS KENDRA. School and College Dropout girls and boys, victims’ girls and boys of child labor and rural people unaware of various aspects as well as schemes of their development have been also given priority as target group of YUVA VIKAS KENDRA. It has also been very cautious in trying to understand the pros and cons of the development efforts made by different stakeholders including research institutes and undertakes study projects to know more about the natural resources, its management.

Health services, Education, Women Empowerment, Conservation of Environment, Agriculture development, Livelihood Promotion etc. practices are also taken into account from time to time for research and study in the project implementation mode.


Developing capabilities of poor, deprived, underprivileged rural, urban and semi-urban population by forming strong, sustainable peoples institution, to enable them to lead the process of development for a healthy and better quality of life.

Organization's Capabilities

YUVA VIKAS KENDRA is registered under the Society Registration Act (SRA) XXI of 1860 on 19 th October 2004. Thus it has legal status to receive financial assistance from Government, National and other funding Agencies. Our Organization has got all those potential in term of human resources to execute and implement those entire programmes for the upliftment of needy, deprived and most neglected sections of the society. The organization has got potential and experience in running education programme and has organized several workshops, consultancy services, networking and advocacy, Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme, awareness generation camps and campaigns on different issues/ topics. The organization has got adequate infrastructure and expertise to execute different social development programme to achieve its objectives. The organization is capable to have the services to personnel as and when required for any particular programme. Not only that, organization is also capable to raise additional fund for any social work if required.


  1. To make efforts to illuminate superstition, illiteracy, exploitation, eradicating poverty and injustice from society. To establish right to community over land, water and forest and all other natural resources.
  2. To generate awareness among the rural with special emphasis on rights and duties. To safeguard women and curb atrocities such as rape, dowry, Violence against women, alcoholism and sexual violence.
  3. To project module among the rural poor with regard to agriculture, Livestock management, Education, Health, I.G.As and other locally relevant means of intervention.
  4. To work for integrated rural development and provide support services for social & economic uplift of the villagers to promote health care programs both preventive as well as creative and provide emergency health services.
  5. To make able and skilled in social, economical and educational through encouraging awareness of deprived sections from main stream of social, political and over all development in general and discarded in particular.
  6. To improve socio-economic position of poorest, disabled, helpless, illiterate SC/ST/OBC and weaker section of society and promote scope for creation of growth and strengthening of abilities for self-reliance.
  7. To facilitate the peoples to build infrastructure for healthy and hygienic environment and improve the quality of life. To provide legal support and secure the right of weaker sections, especially women, children.
  8. To put capacity based interventions to eradicate poverty, inequality, illiteracy and superstition from the society. To facilitate credit support to start income generation activities.
  9. To promote experimental innovative programs, Upgrade rural technologies and undertake pilot project so that rural poor may get self-employment for their livelihood.


Providing Health services to the people for ensuring better health services.

Creation of an opportunity to lead a life of dignity and self-respect.

Promotion of greater equality and justice in society.

Ensuring a sustainable livelihood.

Capacity building of people for their self-sustenance.


Working with underprivileged and deprived communities at micro-level to understand better critical issues affecting them in order to address their generic cause through consultancy services and implementation of prog/schemes.

Collaborating with government and various development agencies to recognize and develop human potential by imparting skills, development programme for self-reliance.

Influencing change agents like media, academics and the state through advocacy with the usage of communication tools.

Forming strategic alliances with other players particularly the voluntary sector, government and corporate houses.

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About YVK

Yuva Vikas Kendra is a registered (Registration No. : 373 / 2004-05(29-10-2004) non-governmental organization(NGO) working in Jharkhand, India. Established...Read More

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